2019 Inter-Livery Regatta, Cowes

Brooks Newmark, Matthew Knight, Anabel Merriman and Lucy Newmark head for the line at the 2019 Inter-Livery Regatta, Cowes.

Broderers’ all at sea?

The Broderers’ are famous for the zest with which we engage in City traditions, but one in which we have not participated is the Annual Inter-Livery Regatta at Cowes. That is until now.

The idea to take part was born in committee, and two volunteers to form a crew duly stepped forward: Matthew Knight and Brooks Newmark. The problem of a boat was solved, as Peter Merriman happened to have one available, and so a plan was born, spurred on by the prospect of competing for the prestigious Lord Mayor’s Cup, due to be awarded for the 50th time. It seemed the right time to join in, the other Companies had, after all, had 49 years to practise...

‘Team Broderer’ were privileged to be joined by Edward Sankey, Vice Commodore of the City Livery Yacht Club, by Sub Lieutenant Will de la Mare RN, in honour of our Naval association, and by Lucy Newmark, and Anabel and Tom Merriman.

The Regatta was organised extremely well by the City Livery Yacht Club committee, in all but one important detail: the wind. A lack of this vital ingredient, coupled with exceptionally strong tides, made for an extremely challenging start to the race. Having lulled crews into a suitable torpor, the sudden arrival of almost too much wind then tested crews at the other extreme, requiring sharp reactions and teamwork to round the remaining marks, in the teeth of newly energised opposition.

Fortunately it was not all work! The pre-regatta supper was hosted at the Royal Ocean Racing Club with a Presentation Dinner held at the Royal Yacht Squadron. 

Our intrepid entrants completed the extremely challenging race circuit - many did not - but alas did not finish within the silverware, these honours went to the Plumbers, the Girdlers and the Dyers. Along with other participating Companies - Innholders, Butchers, Leathersellers, Woolmen, Shipwrights and Information Technologists (many of who had several boats entered) - the Broderers were presented with an engraved glass plaque to commemorate the significant anniversary of the competition.

Brooks Newmark, heads for the Windward mark.

Hopefully Broderers will be represented again next year; whilst there is no significant anniversary to mark, there is unfinished business.....

Lucy Newmark and Matthew Knight up the work rate as the wind increases

Another change of weather on a ‘day for all season’s’; Matthew Knight (fresh from his captaincy of the Broderers’ shooting team) models a country look - ‘Cowes’ or ‘Cows’?

Team Broderer: Tom Merriman, Edward Sankey (Management Accountants and Vice Commodore CLYC), Matthew Knight, Sub/Lt Will de la Mare RN, Lucy Newmark, Brooks Newmark, Anabel Merriman, Peter Merriman

Peter Merriman receives on behalf of the Broderers the Regatta 50th anniversary commemorative plaque